COOPH Introduce Smart Clothing Line for Photographers

Do photographers need their own clothing line? apparently yes. A new apparel line by COOPH brings some interesting innovations that can really help photographers in their daily activities.

COOPH (an international photography group based from Austria) just opened an online clothing store for photographers. The group has been pretty active and we have published several videos they created which received lots of attention, they also run a magazine and a website with an active community.

Clothing lines for photographers is of course nothing new. Manfrotto is currently selling its LINO line for both men and women. We had a chance to play around with some of  Manfrotto’s photography jackets in the past and they seem to be well made although definitely not inexpensive.

The COOPH original photo gloves


Just like Manfrotto, COOPH is aiming for pro photographers who are willing to spend some money to get the highest quality and best product. The original photo glove by COOPH will run you €139 but it is made of super-soft goat leather and linging 100% polyester with full touch screen control and more importantly has a unique cut for full touch sensation for thumb and forefinger which is exactly what you need for controlling your camera in cold climates. The t-shirt snapographer and lens cap pocket beanie sells for €49 and €39 respectively while the hoodie is set at €119 (you can check the entire collection here).

The COOPH original photo gloves – with full touch screen control


Update: We just had a quick talk with the good people from COOPH. Following some questions that we received about the gloves (how warm are they and regarding waterproof), they had this to say:  “Our gloves are intended for temperatures around freezing and slightly below, but since they are full leather with linings they are not waterproof. We intended to create a glove, which works great when shooting and looks great, when you are in town. It´s not a ski glove though and not for pouring rain! “.

We are hoping to do a quick test of the gloves and see how useful they really are later this winter.

If you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section on our photo gear channel.

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