8 Fun Ideas for Instant Photography

The guys at COOPH are bringing us another list of cool photography DIY tips and this time they look at instant photography.

Here is the list of 8 ideas from this video:

  1. Panorama – we usually don’t think about a panorama that you physically connect but this is exactly what you can do with an instant camera.
  2. Pano sequence – shoot panorama but keep you subject moving across the shot with the same background.
  3. Pantone wall – use color gels to shoot different sequences in different colors.
  4. Double exposure – most instant camera has this feature – just take a nice picture of a texture (flowers, fabric etc.) and take a selfie or a portrait.
  5. Ghosting – you can use double exposure to create a ghost like effect with you subject.
  6. Kaleidoscope – connect 3 mirrors in a triangle and shoot through them.
  7. Old School hyper-lapse – snap and walk – its simple.
  8. 3D hero – make a pop up cut out from your printed image (Actually super cool).
  9. Bonus – portrait collage – shoot the same subject up close from different angles.

COOPH are known for having really cool DIY videos. Over the years we published many of their videos including “6 Cool UV Photography Tips“, “Tips for Shooting “The Elements””,  7 Cool and Funky Photography Tips, “6 Cool DIY Photography Gifts that You Can Make Yourself“, 7 Simple DIY Hacks that Will Help you Improve Your Photography and just before that 7 DIY Photography Tips – Using Inexpensive Household Objects – both of which we highly recommend if you are into DIY and photography. more recently we also had – 9 Simple Tricks & Hacks To Up Your DIY Photography.

You can find more cool COOPH cool video on this subsection of LensVid as well as many more helpful photography tips on our Photography tips section.

Iddo Genuth
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