Edelkrone Craft Module Preview

Innovative Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone recently released a new module for its SliderPlus family of sliders. The module called Craft allows the user to create advanced motion time-lapse, macro videography and stop-motion.

All 3 shooting techniques are sophisticated tasks which require flawless planning in addition to knowledge for the perfect production. The Edelkrone’s Craft Module takes on these tasks for the user and help making the shooting process more about vision, composition and creativity than technique and mathematical calculations.

 Edelkrone’s new Craft ModuleEdelkrone-Craft-1

For macro videography (for example tiny product shots) the Craft Module can work at micro-speeds between 20µm to 1.6cm/ sec – something that is all but impossible to do accurately for a human operator. 

In the video you can see a demonstration of several examples of uses for the Craft Module for both time-lapse videography, macro and stop-motion. The module can be used alongside the  TArget Module we covered here not too long ago (when we covered the introduction of Edelkrone’s Slider Plus Pro).

Macro videography made easy – Edelkrone’s Craft 


The new Craft Module cost $700 (just like some of the other modules from the company and you can buy it alone or with the SliderPLUS / SliderPLUS PRO).

Iddo Genuth
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