First Look: Aputure Bi-Color LS 600x Pro High Power COB Light Variable CCT high power COB LED

Back in December 2020, Aputure announced (officially) the release of the much anticipated 600D COB LED (see coverage) – the company’s most powerful light of its type to date. It took the company another 8 months or so of development but today it announced the bi-color version of this powerful light with a few other small modifications.

Hi (bi-color) Power

It was to be expected. After Aputure announced the bi-color 300X and the high power 600D daylight COB it was time for a bi-color high power LED and this one came in the form of the LS 600x Pro announced today.

The new LS 600x Pro is very much what you would expect it to be – a bi-color version of Aputure’s most advanced and powerful COB to date.

While it can’t really match the output of the daylight only version, with its 2700K~6500K variable CCT chip, it does produce a formidable output of over 60,000Lux at 1m (with its reflector) compared to “only” 20K of the 300X – both at 5600K (in case you were wondering the daylight 600D Pro version can do almost 100K Lux at this distance).

Aputure did listen to some feedback from users when building the 600X and included a longer 7.5m head cable, more DMX options (with Ethernet), and a few other minor changes.

Other than that it has pretty much the same feature set, build, and design as the original 600D Pro unit and it also doesn’t cost significantly more than the daylight version making it a very logical purchase for a lot of professionals looking for a high-power bi-color light.

Pricing, for the new Aputure 600X Pro, is currently set at $1990.

The new Aputure 600X Pro bi-color COB light

The new Aputure 600X Pro bi-color COB light

Wait, there is also a *huge* softbox

Aputure also announced a very large 150cm/59″ Light Dome 150 softbox (yes it’s big, but there are other giant 60 and even 70″ softboxes around already).

This giant is also quite deep – 80cm/31.5 inch and it will ship with 2 different types of diffusion (1.5 Stop and 2.5 Stops) as well as a removable inner diffuser and grid for $270.

The Light Dome 150 – 60″ softbox

The Light Dome 150 - 60" softbox

Price drops

Finally Aputure also announced price drops on 3 popular products:

LS 120d II – $745 now $545.
LS 300d II  – $1099 now $950.
LS 300x – $1199 now $1000.

If you don’t want to miss any new photography products be sure to check out our product photography section on our photo gear channel.

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