First Look at the Lishuai Soft LED’s Line

On this PROav video store in the U.K. Carl takes a look at the soft LED series by the Chinese manufacturer Lishuai and comes in small to very large panels and pretty affordable prices.

There are quite a few lights in the Lishuai line of soft LEDs (they call them Flapjack and if you think you know this name keep on reading) and they come in pretty small sizes and up to a giant 80cm/31 inches (the Flapjack C-1500RSV).

What they all have in common is that the LEDs in those lights do not shine directly at the subject but are located on the sides of the panel and the front is basically reflecting it so you do get less light than a similar sized regular LED but it is much softer.

Earlier this year Simeon Quarrie (also from proav) did a slightly more in-depth look at just the Lishuai C-700RSV 20-Inch Soft Bi-Colour LED Light which shows you a little bit more



During NAB 2015 last year Fotodiox showed its own FlapJack LED line (which is either very similar or identical to some of the Lishuai lights – at least externally).

If you are wondering about prices – we are looking at up to about $850 (before tax) for the largest model in the Lishuai series which is quite competitive.

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