First Look at the Sennheiser’s One-Man-Band AVX Wireless Audio System for Video Shooters

NAB 2015 was so prolific this year that even months afterwords we are still discovering interesting products which were announced during the show and one of the is the very simple, yet extremely useful AVX wireless audio system intended for videographers.

The concept here is really simple – making wireless audio for videographers as simple as possible to operate – basically plug an play. The system uses the 1900MHz range frequency, it might not have the distance of the more expensive pro  Sennheiser systems (the company is stating around 150 feet or 45 meters which should be enough for most run and gun type situations), but it should be really simple to use and intended to be connected either to an external recorder (using XLR) or directly into the camera (with a supplied cable).

The AVX Handheld Wireless Set


In terms of competences – there is a receiver unit (Sennheiser AVX EKP) which cost about $500 and currently two options for transmitters – either a  Lavalier ME2 Wireless Set ($900 with the receiver included) or a Handheld Wireless Set (at the same price) there is also a combo set with both the Lavalier and the Handheld Wireless Set (for $1300). What is not clear is if one receiver can work with both the Lavalier and the Handheld Wireless Set at the same time (probably not) and if Sennheiser has any intentions of releasing a transmitter that can connect to 3’rd party Lavaliers with Phantom power (also, sadly, probably not).

You can find more info on the system on the Sennheiser dedicated AVX website.

An official video from Sennheiser showing the Handheld Wireless Set


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