First Look at the Canon EOS 77D, EOS 800D and EOS M6

Earlier today Canon introduced 3 new entry/mid range cameras and a new kit zoom lens. The 3 include the Canon EOS 77D (aka EOS 900D), the Canon EOS 800D (aka EOS Rebel T7i and Kiss X9i) and finally a new mirrorless camera – the EOS M6.

let’s start with the  Canon EOS 77D which is basically an updated EOS 760 and a somewhat lower version of the EOS 80D – or at least this is how Canon wants you to think about it (from the video above by the guys at digidirect we got a somewhat different vibe).


Anyway you can decide for yourselves – here are the specs of the EOS 77D:

  • A new 24MP CMOS Sensor (APS-C with Dual Pixel CMOS AF)
  • DIGIC 7 Image Processor.
  • 7560 pixel RGB + IR photometry sensor.
  • AF system with 45 points (all points cross type).
  • 3.0″ articulated touch screen.
  • A new touch menu system.
  • Eye sensor (turns off screen when you look through the viewfinder).
  • Continuous shooting speed – 6fps (4.5 in Live view mode).
  • Video: HD 1080p @ 60fps (with only mic input – no headphones).
  • Built-In Wi-Fi/BT and NFC.
  • Price: Canon EOS 77D body only – $900.

The two other cameras might look a bit different but their specs are actually surprisingly similar. The Canon EOS 800D has practically the same sensor, processor, AF system and most of the other features of the 77D however it is smaller and does not have the extra dial on the back, a top screen and the same type viewfinder. The EOS 800D also cost about 150$ less.


The EOS M6, although being a mirrorless camera (hence no mirror and using a different mount) has also very similar specs – it is a lower, less expensive version of the M5 but with no viewfinder (which is an optional accessory). The M6 will cost $780.


Finally Canon also introduced a slower kit lens – the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM – why would anybody buy a slower kit lens – because it is 20% smaller and this can be important to some people. You will be able to buy it – like the rest of the announced cameras this April (it will cost around $250 if you buy it alone).

The new EOS M6 (with some M5 comparison)

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