First Look at the DigiSlider Motorized Wing Arm Slider

U.K. manufacturer DigiSlider recently unveiled a motorized Wing Arm, and the good people of Cheesycam took a first look at it in the video above.

The idea of a “wind arm” slider isn’t new, Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone recently announced a second generation of its “Wing” and “Wing Pro” products which are marketed by the company as “rail-less” sliders and can give you 40cm (15 inches) of movement from a unit measuring just 17cm /7 inches long.

The DigiSlider motorized Wing Arm brings a new innovation into this same concept with an introduction of a motor and a controlling unit. In this way, this Wing can be used as a tiny substitute for linear motorized camera slider that can be used for time-lapse or video.

The unit seems simple enough (you set in and out points and speed) and determine if you want slide and stop (for a timelapse or continuous motion for video). The unit is very small – 16cm/6″ and should give you a travel of about 48cm/19″ and can take up to 2.4kg or 5.2 pounds (the second version which can also pan while sliding is longer, heavier with half the payload but can also travel longer – 27″ or about 70cm).

The big question remains – how smooth this thing moves – and from the quick demo in the start of the video above it isn’t clear and we are hoping to test this unit ourselves sometime in 2018 and give our own verdict.

As for pricing, depending on the specific configuration (sliding motion only or sliding+pan motion), you are looking at a price starting from around $460.

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  1. That looks pretty awesome! I’ve always wanted something that is more compact because my current slider is just way too long and difficult to carry around. Also curious to see how smooth it is, because even the Edelkrone ones seem difficult to move by hand and motorized versions always seem smoother. They do have a clip of the video mode on their product description page and it looks pretty good There is also a video of the manual version and it does look promising, I have just spent $500 on a slider though but would love to upgrade to this if it is as good as we all hope it is.

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