First Look at Lanparte Monitor Quick Release Arm

NAB 2017 has closed but there are still a ton of interesting products and technologies that were demonstrated in the show that we have to share with you. Lanparte demonstrated a few of those in thew show including an innovative tiny quick release for monitors, a new smart arm and a new concept called Dragon Kit which is a new way of connecting cameras/lenses and adapters without a cage.

The first product Lanparte demonstrated in NAB this year was a tiny quick release aimed at monitor users. It has a mechanism which is somewhat similar to that of V-mount batteries but seems very simple and quick to use (would would really like to see a full fledged quick release system based on this concept for other camera accessories such as recorders, small LEDs etc.

Along with the quick release there is also a new type of arm – what is nice about it is that it can be locked but still allow for movement by physically changing its position (but it won’t fall on it’s own), an interesting concept that we need to try out for ourselves.

The final product that you can see in the video below is called Dragon Kit. The idea of this new concept is that instead of putting your camera in a cage you put your lens in a sort of “cage” (actually a contraption of sorts) allowing you to take of the camera and use it out of the cage or switch cameras (this concept is certainly interesting and there might be some people who will like this for their workflow).

Bart Johnson with the LanParte Dragon Kit

The Dragon Kit has an adapter system built in and you can even use your own adapter (we are not sure how it works with the flange distance but apparently it works).

We will be looking into several monitors in the near future so stay tuned for that. If you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section. Also – check out our NAB 2017 coverage – here.

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