First Look at the Tascam DR-70D

B&H just published a first quick look at the soon to be available new advanced field recorder – the Tascam DR-70D listing some of its main features and uses.

The Tascam DR-70D is the most recent model by Tascam and it brings to the table quite a few new features including a slimmer design with 4 XLRs with phantom power, stereo 1/8″ input with plug-in power, SDXC support (up to 128GB card), slanted display, two internal front facing microphones, high quality pre-amps and more.

Here is the longer list:

  • Tascam original High Definition Discrete Architecture (HDDA) microphone preamps.
  • NE5532 operational amplifiers for even higher audio performance (same as the one on the much more expensive DA-3000).
  • Simultaneous recording of up to four channels.
  • 4 channels can be mixed down to a stereo signal.
  • Recording levels can be adjusted independently for inputs 1–4.
  • Dual recording function allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels.
  • Recording at 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, linear PCM (WAV format).
  • Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) supported as WAV recording format.
  • Two built-in omnidirectional microphones in the front.
  • 4 XLR/TRS combo inputs with phantom power (+24V/+48V).
  • +24 dBu maximum input level (20 dB headroom).
  • Additional unbalanced 3.5mm input for channels 1 and 2 supports mics that require plug-in power.
  • Low-cut filter that can reduce low-frequency noise (40 Hz, 80 Hz, 120 Hz).
  • Switchable limiter to prevent clipping.
  • Audio can be output to a DSLR camera.
  • Camera input enables convenient monitoring of audio from a DSLR camera.
  • Slate tone functions (automatic/manual) for synchronization of video.
  • Pre-recording function allows the unit to record the two seconds of sound before recording starts.

Pricing for the new Tascam DR-70D for the U.S. was recently announced and will be just under $300 starting November 10 2014 (at B&H).

The Tascam DR-70D – front side


We have recently covered the latest wave of sound recorders from Tascam including the new Tascam DR-60D MkII and the two wifi capable filed recorders – Tascam DR-44WL and the  TASCAM DR-22WL – see here. The DR-70D is the most advanced of all these units and at under $300 it is arguably the most capable field recorder in its category.

The Tascam DR-70D – look front the side – there is another XLR on the right side


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