Tascam DR-60DmkII Field Recorder Review

In this video, photographer Curtis Judd takes the new Tascam DR-60Dmk II for a spin and does a quick comparison with the older version to see if there are any real changes made by Tascam.

The new Tascam DR-60Dmk II was announced only a few weeks ago (we mentioned it here along with a few other new Tascam recorders which were recently announced). There are not too many changes in the new version – the main feature seems to be the new pre-amps which are the heart of this device. Other changes mentioned by Chris in the video (besides the red metal handles on the front) are somewhat different XLR ports (some people complaints of XLR cables that can’t be disconnected for some reason – and it is possible that the change was designed to address that. Finally, you have a new line-out (low) output which Judd tried to explain in the video.

The new Tascam DR-60Dmk II and the lower profile 4 XLR Tascam DR-70D


At the end of the day the Tascam DR-60Dmk II is a relatively minor upgrade to the original version. If you need a new recorder – go for the new version, if you already have the original version – probably only if you have a mic which requires more gain – otherwise just stay with your original version (or spend a bit more and go with the new Tascam DR-70D – see preview here –  $300 starting November 10 2014).

The Tascam DR-60D Mark II sells for $200 on Amazon.

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Iddo Genuth
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  1. I’m wondering how you are syncing your audio recorded to the Tascam field recorder with your video. I’m looking at buying the DR-60mkII for use with a GoPro, but I’m having sync issues now (recording to a laptop) and I guess that would still continue in the absence of a master clock. Any tips on this?

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