Edelkrone FlexTilt Head – Tiny Smart Head for Your Camera

Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone announced today a new type of tripod head called FlexTilt for both stills and videography.

The FlexTilt Head is a small and compact unit. it weighs just over 400 grams and shrinks down to a size of only 27mm (in thickness) and can open to carry up to 2.5 kg of camera gear.

The FlexTilt Head can be used with or without a tripod and can even be mounted on a slider. For us one of the best uses seems to be when shooting objects next to a table and trying to get close beyond the minimum distance possible with the tripod and a conventional head.

The compact FlexTilt closed


The FlexTilt Head is selling for just under $100 on the edelkrone website.

The FlexTilt open – good even for heavier gear


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