Flex Lite – Welcome to the Flexible Lighting Revolution

After the Westcott Flex LED and the the Raglite Kickstarter project, we have another flexible LED lighting unit – this time around from Korea and it is called Flex Lite and is made by a company called Aladdin-lights and this will be the first online hands on look at the unit.

The video above by Joe Canee is the first hands on look at this interesting light which comes in two versions – daylight or tungsten and runs from main power supply or battery. The unit comes with a dimmer and has a back hanger for holding the light using a light stand or even a monopod as Canee demonstrates in the video. The unit has a stated CRI of 95, it is 10 inches over 10 inches (or 25x25cm – just like the Westcott Flex) and uses 256 LEDs producing 40W in a flexible fabric like form (2 smaller versions are also available, the 10×10 inch unit has a luminous intensity of 1300 Lux @1m).


We are still in the process of getting a few more facts – like where can you get these new lights and how much will they cost (in the U.K. pricing is around £413 which to us seems a bit high but is more or less on the same level as the $600 Westcott unit). We will defiantly like to give the unit a test to see how it operates in a real life shooting scenario.


In the meantime you can check  out the aladdin-lights website for more info on the unit.


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Iddo Genuth
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