FLM CP-Travel – The Ultimate Compact Travel Tripod

Boutique German high-end tripod manufacturer FLM just announced a new Indiegogo campaign for a special travel tripod with some very exciting features including super strong 10 layer carbon fibre and very compact size.

Here on LensVid we are just about to start a very exciting series that will look into tripods and heads (starting next week with a special tripod guide). One of the companies that we will be reviewing for this series is FLM which were kind enough to send us one of its special high-end ballheads (you can expect the review in the next few weeks). In the meantime, the company has come up with a new travel tripod that looks like it follows the very high manufacturing standards of German engineering that we have seen in our review sample.

Fully open – the new CP-Travel with 10 layer Carbon Fibre


The new tripod called CP-Travel has some interesting features including:

  • 10 layer Carbon Fibre tubes.
  • Lightweight 1.28 kg/2.83 lbs with a high load capacity (10kg/22 lbs.).
  • Ultra compact – folds down to 39cm 15.3″ but can open up high (142cm/55.9″ with center column open).
  • Minimum height – 11.5cm (very low to the ground).
  • Number of leg sections – 5.
  • Rubber/spiked feet with new secure change system
  • Leg locks: safety-stop rubber and aluminium.

Another video of the CP-Travel


The CP-Travel is currently on Indiegogo looking to raise about $18,000 required for the Moulds. The price for a unit is $490 which for a high-end German made 10 layer CF tripod is actually not that high at all (a comparable Tripod like the Gitzo GT1555T, for example, cost more than 1.5x and it is only 8 layer CF and doesn’t go that high or have 10 years of warranty).

Small enough for even a small suitcase

The CP-Travel with the spikes

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