Fujilm X-T20 Hands-On Review

Our friends and colleagues Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from the Camera Store just took a trip to Japan and had a chance to test the new Fujifilm X-T20 and visit the Fujifilm production facility in Taiwa.

The X-T20 is the smaller sister to the flagship X-T2 (and the updated version of the XT-10 that we tested here over a year ago). While externally it is very similar to the older model – internally this camera has been updated with much of the stuff that we have seen on the X-T2 including the sensor and processor which brings it to a new and very high standard including a faster AF system.

For all its capabilities and high image quality (and functional design) it does have some obvious limitations – the 4K is good for only about 10 min, it has no headphone jack and the earphone connector is the inconvenient 2.5″, it has no build in image stabilization that is almost standard on almost all of the competition.

Still, especially for stills shooters – the X-T10 is a very capable compact Mirrorless camera with some great options for lenses and very good control and IQ.

As for pricing – the X-T20, body only, will set you back just under $900.

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