Gitzo Légende: a Tripod for a Lifetime Gitzo first crowdfunding tripod kit

Gitzo recently announced their first crowdfunding project called Légende. This new IndieGoGo campaign brings two new products to the Gitzo line – the Légende travel tripod and the Légende camera backpack.

A tripod for a lifetime

As a tripod manufacturer Gitzo has been around for over 100 years (the last 2 plus decades as part of the Vitec umbrella which also includes Manfrotto and many other brands).

The idea of making a tripod that will last a lifetime is actually not new to Gitzo. The company is still selling components for tripods that it manufactured decades ago (we own two old Gitzo tripods ourselves which are 2-3 decades old and one of them needed some of the rubber replaced and those are still available – for a price).

The Légende tripod with a strap

What is new for the current product is the idea of not only replaceable parts (100% of the components are replaceable) or even user-replaceable parts (70% are user-replaceable according to Gitzo) but according to the company:

“If you have an issue with your Légende, our customer service team will identify and send you the correct replacement part, with instructions on how to repair it with ease. If necessary, we will replace the unit itself, all with no additional cost to you. ” 

What exactly does this lifetime warranty cover (and what it doesn’t cover)? Gitzo answers this in the Q&A section of the Indigogo project page:

Cover – “This Warranty protects against defects in materials or workmanship for the Warranty Period (which is unlimited if you register your product within 31st December at the following link: In addition, we cover wear and tear of some specific components for 10 years” (more here).

Does not cover – “Defects (including aesthetics), malfunctions and faults caused by improper use of the product, negligence, inadequate or improper maintenance and care, overloading, handling, use contrary to recommendations or instructions accompanying the Product. The natural breakdown of materials of Bag and Strap that occurs after extended use. Faults due to wear and tear – except a limited 10 years warranty for specific components”. (more here).

A tripod for a lifetime – Légende 

The Légende tripod

The Légende is a fairly light travel tripod weighing 1.45kg/3.2lbs with a payload of up to 8kg/17.6lbs. It has 4 carbon fiber leg sections with a max height of 165/65″ and a min-height of 43cm/16.9″.

Leveling the legs of the Légende tripod 

The tripod design seems pretty slick and it comes with a silver-colored ballhead with an Arca style quick release with two knobs and a friction knob inside the main knob.

The design is meant to be folded on itself to save space, which means that in this way it will not necessarily fit any other ballhead so keep this in mind.

A video Gitzo published about taking care of the Légende tripod

YouTube player

Gitzo Légende backpack

Alongside the tripod Gitzo also introduced an eco-friendly backpack. This camera bag is made from a material called COFLEX which according to Gitzo is cruelty-free, environmental-friendly, and non-toxic synthetic leather that does not use toxic solvents in its creation.

The interior lining is 50% recycled polyester fiber manufactured from clear PET plastic water bottles so there is certainly a lot of environmental emphasis on this product.

Side opening for the camera

The bag can carry a 15″ laptop (up to Length: 27,0 cm / 10,6″ Width: 2,0 cm / 0,8″ Height: 38,5 cm / 15,2″), a full-frame mirrorless camera like an Sony A7/A9 or Canon R5 / Nikon Z7 II plus a 70-200mm f/4 lens and two additional lenses.

The actual camera compartment dimentions according to Gitzo are: Lenght: 28,0 cm / 11″, Width:10,5 cm / 4,1″ Height: 23 cm / 9,1″.

Up to 15″ laptop

Pricing and availability

The Légende tripod and backpack are part of an ongoing Indigogo project which should ship in May 2021. Kit price for both starts at $679 (which is a very low number for a Gitzo kit of this kind based on their other products).

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