Hands-on with OPPO’s 5x Lossless Zoom Smartphone

Earlier today during MWC 2017 currently talking place in Spain, Chinese electronics manufacturer OPPO demonstrated a prototype smartphone with a dual camera system with 5X lossless zoom and a very thin body.

Smartphones with optical zoom are nothing new. However building one which is thin is a challenge. OPPO with the help of Israeli startup Corephotonics developed what seems to be one of the first thin smartphones (5.7mm) with a rather large zoom. The way this technology works is interesting.

The prototype device uses two cameras with different focal lengths and the Corephotonics dedicated technology is capable of combining the two image to create real time zoom. However this technology on its own isn’t new either – the interesting part is how OPPO was able to take one of the lenses and instead of making the optical elements in its lens face vertically like they normally do – it put them on their size – horizontally (see image below).

OPPO’s smart dual camera design


The good people at gsmarena had a chance to give the prototype a quick test run and see how it works and it looks pretty impressive actually.

The ability to add significant high quality zoom to a smartphone without sacrifice size will be the last nail in the compact camera market and as we shall discuss in an extensive article later on this week – is going to effect the camera market which had a terrible year in 2016.

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Iddo Genuth
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