Hands on with the Fujifilm X-T4 The most advanced APS-C camera to date

Earlier today Fujifilm announced the new X-T4 advanced APS-C camera and it brings a whole host of improvements and changes to the already popular X-T3 including image stabilization, improved handling and grip, fully articulated screen much better battery and more.

This was a long time coming with a lot of leaks and rumors that for the most part seemed to be correct but now the camera (or at least pre-production units) reached the market. Chris and Jordan from DPR got one of those cameras (as well as a few other reviewers – see below) and it seems that the firmware is still a bit buggy at this early point but it should be better when it actually becomes available for purchase.

From a stills point of view, the X-T3 is still very much relevant and the X-T4 brings some improvements (much larger battery, IBIS and the articulated screen) but might not be considered a real game-changer. When it comes to video )in addition to the existing 4K 60p) the changes are much more important, the battery, IBIS and the screen are more critical but the 1080p 240p are really a big bonus. There are also AF improvements including better face/eye detection (from the X-Pro3) as well as a new shutter which is more silent and can go up to 15 fps (more of a stills thing but certainly useful). Another interesting video feature of the new camera – it has a much-improved rolling shutter compared to the X-T3 (possibly due to the IBIS).

Here are some of the specs of the X-T4:

  • Sensor: 26MP BSI ‘X-Trans CMOS sensor (similar to thr X-T3).
  • AF system: improved AF system and improved face/eye AF.
  • Viewfinder: 3.69M-dot OLED viewfinder (60 or 100 Hz)., same as the X-T3.
  • Processor: updated X-Processor 4.
  • In body stabilization: with 3 modes (including a tripod simulation) and up to 6.5 stops.
  • Screen: articulated 3.0″ 1.6 m-Dot touch screen (1.5x times the X-T3 resolution).
  • Video: DCI and UHD 4K @60p at up to 400 Mbps (up from 200Mbps) and 240fps at 1080p.
  • Video features: 4:2:0 H.265 internal video capture (4:2:2 over HDMI), 24-bit audio capture, Internal F-Log capture, 1080p 120fps. The XT-3 has zebras, better rolling shutter.
  • Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi &Bluetooth with USB-C, mic, headphones (only using USB dongle) and a micro HDMI.
  • Shooting speed: 15 fps (up from 11) with mechanical shutter and 30 with e-shutter (in sports mode with 1.25x crop).
  • Storage: Dual SD card slots (both UHS-II compatible – similar to X-T3).
  • Battery: NP-W235 with 600 shots per charge (CIPA).
  • Weight: 607g (67g more than the older version).
  • Pricing: the X-T4 will sell for $1700 (body only) and $2100 with the 18-55mm kit lens.

The Fuji Guys on the X-T4

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The Slanted Lens on the X-T4

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Johny from Cinema 5D on the video functionality of the X-T4

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