Loupedeck – A Console for Editing Your Photos

Mikko Kesti is a finish mechanical engineer with a passion for photograph. He and his team developed an interesting physical interface for photographers working with Lightroom called Loupedeck.

Loupedeck is basically a console (very similar to what many of you might know from sound studios – it is small and portable (about the size of a mobile keyboard but just a bit heavier). it comes with 12 dials (plus a larger one), 8 sliders and quite a few dedicated buttons (see below).


Loupedeck is very different than another interesting solution which got funded a few years back as well called Palette (see here). While Palette was very open – you can choose the function of each dial, can be used with several different software (including Photoshop, Premiere etc.) and is completely modular – meaning you can add as many dials, sliders etc. that you want – Loupedeck is a single piece unit with a fixed layout and functionality (we don’t believe that you can change any functions or re-assign buttons) and it is Lightroom only. On the plus side – it is less expensive and if you are O.K. with the choice of functions that Kestiand his team picked – at can be a time saver if you do a lot of Lightroom work.


Loupedeck is currently raising money on indiegogo and you can get one (which will come around June 2017) for 230 Euros or $250.


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Iddo Genuth
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