Hasselblad X1D Hands-On Review

Our friend and colleague Chris Niccolls from the Camera Store just posted a long awaited (and pretty long) review of the Hasselblad X1D medium format mirrorless camera.

One of the only major products that we didn’t had a chance to play with in Photokina 2016 last year was the XD1 (you can’t really look at everything – there is just so much stuff in this show).

So what does Niccolls think of the X1D after several months of use (he had the camera well before it started selling with an older firmware which is now final)? Well, it is beautiful, has a nice interface and a good screen, very good image quality with high resolution (more or less expected from a 50MP medium format) and is also very nice to hold and carry.

However – there are also many issues – the AF is far from amazing – especially in low light and don’t expect to shoot any sports with this system, there are some bugs with the controllers, the viewfinder is not fast enough, the native lens options is small and going for existing Hasselblad lenses is both expensive and makes the system much larger. But really the main issue that Niccolls feels based on his experience is the fact that it just doesn’t have enough of a lead over something like an A7RII which cost significantly less (especially when you consider the system cost with the lenses). Maybe the only users that will really find this system really useful are landscape photographers who want very large prints of very high quality using a very small system (but even in this role – you don’t have enough ultra wide lens options at the moment).

If you are interested (even after this devastating review), the Hasselblad X1D sells (body only) for just under $9000.

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