Lowepro Announces: Hardside, ProTactic and updated Trekker Camera Bags

During Photokina 2014, camera bag manufacturer Lowepro announced several new products from the new Hardside series and ProTactic series as well as the updated Trekker series – here is a first preview.

Above you can see a video into of the updated Trekker big bags for pro photographers with a LOT of equipment. The series is 20 years old and has the biggest capacity in the Lowepro line. There are quite a few changes in this updated beg including the ActivLift System harness which is purposefully designed to mimic the natural “S” curve of the back, and transfer more weight from waist to the hips. The video shows a few of the many other features of the bag.

The smaller Pro Trekker 450 AW


The two new bags in this line are the Pro Trekker 650 AW ($430) and the smaller Pro Trekker 450 AW ($380) as well as the new Lens Trekker 600 AW III ($300).

Here is a quick video with 3 pro photographers talking about the new Pro Trekker line

Next we have the Hardside –  3 different size hard cases for pro photographers made from ABS. They are waterproof and even chemical resistant. The insert is a case of its on which you can ever wear on your back like a bag.

The large Hardside 400 case



The smallest is the Hardside 200 ($170), the mid size is the Hardside 300 ($200) and the largest one is the Hardside 400 ($250)

The third line is ProTactic  which is an interesting pro bag with a hard cover and interesting attachment points that allows you to create your own setup according to your needs. There are 4 different access ways to the bag as well as room for a laptop.

The ProTactic 450 AW 



There are two versions of the bag – the smaller ProTactic 350 AW ($200) and the larger ProTactic 450 AW ($250).

A look at the ProTactic series

A video on the ProTactic  in action

Finally we have  the Toploader Pro Series – intended for one lens and a camera that you can use in 4 different ways. It comes with a rain cover  as well as a top pocket.

The Toploader Pro 75 AW II


There are two versions – the bigger Toploader Pro 75 AW II ($100) for carrying your pro DSLR with 70-200mm and the smaller Toploader Pro 70 AW II ($90) for carrying your pro DSLR with a 24-70mm lens.

A look at the Toploader pro series

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