Peter McKinnon Teams up with Nomatic To Create the Ultimate Photo Travel Backpack

Photographer and vlogger Peter McKinnon announced earlier today that he teamed up with bag manufacturer NOMATIC to create a unique camera travel backpack with a long list of special features.

It is hard to find the perfect camera backpack – we have actually reviewed more than two dozen different bags in all different shapes and sizes over the years and while some might be a pretty good fit for one type of scnerio they are less appropriate for others. Trying to tick all the boxes is extremely difficuly and might well be impossible.

Peter McKinnon seems to run into a similar problem but he decided to do something about it. He teamed up with Jon Richards and Jacob Durham from Nomatic in an attempt to create what he sees as the ultimate travel backpack.

The Peter McKinnon X NOMATIC backpack system

So what can you find in this new bag which is currently already getting close to half a million dollars on Kickstarter? First you need to think of this bag more as a system with several components (optional ones) , the bag is designed to be able to accommodate a large amount of photo gear but also quite a few pieces of clothing or other personal gear and it can physically expend from 35 liters/2,100 cubic inches to 42 liters/2,600 cubic inches.

It also has pockets for a tripod/bottle, laptop (15″), tablet, and other small items. There is a large compartment for personal gear including clothing with some compression straps (to make those shirts and pants squeeze nicely when you need to go with the bag on a plane), as well as different internal pockets for different types of accessories.

There are many other features on this bag as NOMATIC states on its Kickstarter page, including:

  • Aluminum stays and waist straps
  • Tension straps on the shoulders
  • Thick shoulder pads
  • Breathable Eva foam channels
  • Carry-on size (for flights)
  • 4 grab handles
  • Water-resistance structure
  • Luggage passthrough handle
  • Locking zippers

The accessories are probably as interesting as the bag itself with a cube pack which is a combination of a camera pack with room a camera+lens plus accessories such as charger, flash etc. and a top part which opens up into a day backpack (with shoulder straps and room for personal gear) so you can take the main backpack on with you to your destination but use the smaller cube pack for your daily walks

There is also the accessory case (padded semi-hard case for accessories) a memory card case with a magnetic lock and a lens filter case with room for up to 6 filters. If this is not enough theyre is a battery case with room for 3 batteries.

On the Kickstarter page, you can find a lot more info including size, weight, dividers options, and of course the different options for getting your own bag which will start from $299.

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