Nikon Announces the D850 (Sort of)

Earlier today Nikon announced that it is currently developing a replacement for the D810 that will carry the name D850.

The point of these development announcements is not always clear as they tend to give very little (if any) real information about the future camera except the fact that it is in development and should be introduced (fully) in a later date.

The only information that we can officially confirm is that the D850 will have an 8K timelapse mode (does this mean that the camera will actually create a video file from stills images on 8K resolution internally? that we can’t tell you at this point but if it will – this is probably the result of a new powerful processor.

If you are willing to listen to some rumours on the D850 (always take these with a grain of salt) than nikonrumors claimed that the D850 will have:

  • 46MP~ Full Frame CMOS sensor.
  • Better ISO capability
  • Tiltable LCD screen similar to the D7500 and D500
  • The memory card slots will be the same as in the D500 (SD and XQD)

There are also rumours talking about significantly faster shooting speed (which will be interesting given the 46MP resolution and the huge files we shall be looking at).

We shall continue to monitor the development of the D850 (the above video is the only official Nikon video shot with the camera).

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