Pinout: a Smart Wireless Gadget for your Camera

Earlier this year a Japanese product called Pinout was raising money on Indiegogo. A few months later and this product is finally reaching the market and it has some interesting capabilities for Nikon shooters.

The Pinout is a small BT product which attaches to your Nikon camera (no Canon/Sony etc. model at this time) and using an app (Android/iOS) you can control different aspects of the camera remotely including the following:

  • Remote Shutter Release – Snap pictures wirelessly with your smartphone through a click on the app, volume down button, voice command or by shaking your phone.
  • Geotagging – automatically geo-tag your photos by recording GPS position data of each picture you take into EXIF information, as you shoot.
  • Time-lapse/Star trails – Capturing subtle changes to scenery or objects over a period of time. Advanced options as preset for shooting distance-lapse, star trails, HDR time lapse, and bulb ramping.
  • High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging – Taking better pictures of landscapes, low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Multi-camera control – Controlling up to 10 cameras simultaneously.
  • Loss/theft prevention – You can even track the point where your camera went out of range if it does get lost or stolen.

The Pinout connected to a D800 in the front


There are two connector types/versions – one for pro cameras such as the D810/d500 ETC. (connected on the front) and the other for lower end cameras (connected on the side). Most of Nikon’s DSLRs are supported.

How to install and use the Pinout on an Android phone



As for pricing – the Pinout has three versions – standard, pro and full package – the standard starts at around $30 and the full sells for around $120 (more on that can be found on the Pinout site).

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