Varavon Zeus Uni – A Look at Universal Camera Cage

On this video, photographer Curtis Judd takes a look at the new Varavon Zeus Uni Universal Camera Cage.

One problem with most cages is that they are not universal. If you have more than one camera (which isn’t identical) or you switch cameras over time – your cage might very well be useless.

The solution the guys at Varavon found is to create a cage with only one side and have screws which allow for some flexibility of height for different sized cameras. The company also sells an interesting small clamp for fixing cables that you can attach to the cage (quite useful actually and the design seems like one of the best of its type that we have seen).

There are different way around this – our way was to actually attach a plate which puts the camera well behind the cage in a way that we can basically put almost any camera and lens combination in our cage and it will work – but it is a DIY build and it is larger than many existing cages.

One thing which at least from looking at the cage seems a bit problematic is balance – because the cage is mostly build to one side – it means that if you have a heavy monitor or recorder they will be on only one side. This also means that you have less area with mounting holes to connect your accessories (remember – it isn’t just how many 1/4″ 20 and 3/8″ holes you get  – it is also how they are spread across the cage).

You can get the cage on B&H for just under $300.

We have looked at product photography in the past and you can also check out more of Judd’s videos here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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