Yongnuo Flashes – YN468II, 568 and 565 Extensive Review

We have been getting questions about inexpensive external flashes almost every week recently. Late last year Vermont based photographer Toby Gelston did a very extensive look into the Yongnuo Budget Flash – YN468II as well as a more comprehensive talk about flashes in general which could be very beneficial for people who are looking to buy their first flash.

On this very extensive video Gelston look at the Yongnuo YN468II as well as several other models from Yongnuo and how they compare to Canon flashes (you can also read some specifics on his blog – here). Since then a number of new models were announced by Yongnuo – they are considered pretty inexpensive with most of the around or under $100.

You do have to know that the Yongnuo might have some limitations. Pye from SLR Lounge recently did a review of the newer Yongnuo 560 III Flash and found some issues when working with the flash and pocket wizard receivers over a long distance (for wedding photography etc.), so do keep in minds the limitations (although there might very well be simple options to over come this by using other triggers including ones from Yongnuo itself).


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Iddo Genuth
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