David Bergman: 20 GigaPixel Image of Yankee Stadium for Canon Expo 2015

Photographer David Bergman recently had a chance to take a huge GigaPixel image of Yankee Stadium for the Canon Expo 2015 which was later printed in a huge billboard size for the expo. In this video Bergman tells the story of this interesting project.

Bergman shot just 825 images (a pretty low number for a reactively large GigaPixel image) which he was able to do due to the use of the new Canon 5Ds R, 50MP camera which he later assembled into a 20 GigaPixel (20,000 Megapixel) resolution image.

This isn’t the first behind the scenes video of a Giant Gigapixel image. In the past we published “Mont Blanc – Shooting the Largest Panorama in the World“. In the past 5 years we have seen huge Gigapixel images of Dresden (26 Gigapixels), Paris (also 26 Gigapixels), Dubai (45 Gigapixels), Budapest (70 Gigapixels), Shanghai (272 Gigapixel) and the previous largest panorama – London (320 Gigapixels).

As always, you can find many more behind the scenes videos on the BTS section here on LensVid.

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