Ed Kashi: Candid Intimacy – the Right Kind of Photojournalism

In this video by Marc Silber Award-winning photojournalist Ed Kashi discusses his work and inspiration, his view of photography in general and his role as a visual storyteller and the importance of covering social and political topics.

Kashi worked as a photojurnalist for The National Geographic, TIME, Newsweek and many other publications and he describes his style of photography as “candid intimacy” – getting extremely close to the subject. Kashi explains that candid intimacy is the ability to see into the soul of the subject. It is tough to achieve candid intimacy, especially when people are adverse to having their photos taken.

Recently more and more of his work is being shot from the hip or shoulder, to avoid provoking people who don’t like their picture taken. Sometimes the best magic appears in images that are shot without staring into the viewfinder. Ed emphasizes that it is crucial to maintain an open heart and open mind, instead of settling for what one sees on the surface. Cameras are a passport into another world that you would never experience otherwise.