Gerry Andrews: The Story of a Vanishing Calture

On this extensive interview Ruth Medjber talks to photographer Gerry Andrews on his recent exhibition as well as his way of working and his extended effort to document cultures that have dramatically changed and evolved.

For Andrews there is not hiding behind long telephoto lenses and shooting from a distance – it is all about trust and about getting intimately close to the person you shoot and capturing the emotion coning through the eyes, which you can see in many of his images.

Andrews started in the analog days of photography and despite moving to digital (he currently shoots with A Nikon D800 and a 27-70mm lens), he still does not use Photoshop and does all of his edits in camera.

One thing which is quite unique to Andrews is bringing in the back story of his images. You can find these stories on his website and get another view of his images. Andrews explains that for him it is not just about the picture but about the entire story and that deep down he is a journalist and not just a photographer.

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Iddo Genuth
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