Tyler Shields on Success in Photography

Being a successful professional art photographer isn’t easy. On this video interview photographer Tyler Shields talks about his road to professional success and some of the obstacles he faced.

He began as a professional a vert inline skater and toured with Tony Hawk in 2003. Than he turned to photography where according to his own words he had a pretty hard time getting accepted especially coming with a large online following (in a time magazines still didn’t appreciate the power of the internet.

Shields had quite a few controversial art pieces – some of them included lots of blood and violence and he even received threats after publishing what might seem like a picture showing abusive treatment of women (although it can just as easily be a poster for a campaign against abusive treatment of women).

With Shields’ success came  accusations of plagiarism by Vice and others. Shield rejected them all (if you ask us – many of the examples on Vice’s article are not similar enough to be tagged as plagiarism – but I guess you – and maybe the courts – will decide).

You can find many more videos of interesting photographers and their work on LensVid’s photographers channel.

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