Ransom & Mitchell: Stories of Surreal Reality

On this episode of Make It by Adobe Josh Haftel talks to Jason Mitchell and Stacy Ranson who play in the border of digital art and photography and how they can be combined to create a work of art.

You can think of Ransom and Mitchell’s work as a sort of mixed reality – some of what you see was shot on a real set with a real camera but some are made in post process in CGI and some were digitally “painted” into the image. The end result though in many cases is so realistic (and surreal

A lot of the inspiration of Ransom and Mitchell comes from Syfi and from a darker side (in the interview they mentioned the Adam’s family). They both started from filmmaking and moved to stills (and you can easily see the amount of work on each set for example).

It is truly inspiring to hear the amount of thought (and work) that goes into each of the images but it is also interesting to hear how Ransom and Mitchell actually work together (photographer’s by nature tend to work alone and even as a team it seems that they are good at having clear boundaries and specific responsibilities).

You should check out Ransom and Mitchell’s website and some of their works – here.

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