Improvising Grace – Dance Photography with Lois Greenfield

On this short yet inspiring video by B&H, award winning NY based photographer and artist Lois Greenfield shares some of her insight on how she captures movement and grace in dance.

Greenfield long and fruitful career spans over 50 years with emphasis on movement and the human body. Her interest in photography actually started from her interest in anthropology which she studied in collage.

For Greenfield the ability to capture and freeze a movement which happens in 1/2000 of a second, something that our eyes can’t perceive  is part of her vision and through her long and inspiring career she influenced a generation of photographers.

Greenfield created signature images for most of the major  dance companies in the world including names such as Alvin Ailey and the American Ballet Theatre, she also published several books and had her exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world.

Greenfield talks about her work in a 2010 video by Epson


A workshops interview with Greenfield from 2013


You can find many more videos of interesting photographers and their work on LensVid’s photographers channel. Also be sure to watch German photographer Kai Spaete video on her take on dance photography.

Iddo Genuth
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