Lois Greenfield: Getting Beyond Your Imagination

Lois Greenfield is one of the most accomplished dance photographers of the last several decades. On this interview he talks to Josh Haftel from Adobe about her work over many decades.

Greenfield describes how she shoots one frame at a time on her manual camera to create surreal images that actually happened and how she encourages her students to try the same technique to sharpen their skills. She also gives her surprising secret to capturing relaxed faces by shooting the dancer as they descend from a jump and not on their way up.

There is much more interesting stuff on this video, Greenfield talks about several of her famous works and how they were shot (pretty amazing when you think about it) and gives some advice to future dance photographers.

We have covered several dance photography in the past including videos and behind the scenes with  Joe McNallyKen Browar and Deborah Ory and many others. We also  published a B&H video a few years back about Lois Greenfield and her work which is worth checking out.

You can watch more profiles and amazing photographers of on our photographer’s section here on LensVid. As we have noted many times before – we love Benjamin Von Wong creative spirit and you can watch some older videos of  his here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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