Joel Grimes: Making Superheroes

Commercial advertising photographer Joel Grimes recently did an interview with photo-sharing site SmugMug along with this short inspirational video showing Grimes at work on set.

This is not the first time that Grimes appears on our radar. Last year we published an episode of Framed Show we entitled “the Singing Photographer” with Grimes (who also happen to love singing). We also shared a second video of Grimes giving a quick look behind the scenes of a  mid-air basketball shoot.

We feel that Grimes final answer on the SmugMug interview really represent who he is as a photographer: “Hard work will outperform talent any day of the week. Put in more hours than the person you’re competing against. Practice, practice, practice, and great things will follow”

You can watch more profiles and interviews of other interesting photographers on our photographer’s section here on LensVid.

 VIA: petapixel.
Iddo Genuth
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