Octopus Wrestles With Underwater Cameraman in California

Photographer David Malvestuto and his diving partner Warren Murray were shooting underwater of the cost of California when they had a very unexpected encounter. an octopus came out of nowhere and tried to wrestle their camera from them.

According to Malvestuto,  they were recording footage of marine life in Bluefish Cove off the town of Carmel when they came face-to-face with an octopus. They did not disturb the creature and it seems that it was just curious about them and about the camera (octopuses are considered highly intelligent creatures- and who knows, maybe it just wanted a career change…).

This isn’t the first time we have a video of an animal grabbing a camera from a photographer here on LensVid – check out how a “Caracara Bird Turn Photographer with the Help of an EggCam“.

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