Gift Ideas for Photographers 2021 Edition Our fevorite gear picks for 2021

We wanted to make a quick video for the holiday season with some of our favorite tools and accessories that we have been using here in the studio and on productions that you can buy either for yourselves or your loved ones as a gift.

We have reviewed or mentioned many of these gift ideas for photographers in previous videos and we will provide links to our reviews and well as purchase links.

Ifootage Spider Crab Magic Arms

Hands down our favorite set of accessory arms are the new ifootage spider crabs. We made a full review of these little marvels but they are truly exceptional with their removable tips, anti-twist mechanism, and their ability to connect even in tight places.

They come in two sizes (the larger MA5-6 and smaller MA3-4) and are very hard to come by nowadays – but when they do become available don’t hesitate.

Best magic arms – the ifootage spider crab arms

spider crab

PB Special flat screwdriver size 7

We use flat head screwdrivers in the studio almost every day to switch plates tighten screws on accessories and more.

If there is one tool that we can’t manage without in the studio it is the PB Special flat screwdriver size 7 its head is large and thick and ideal for all those places where regular flat head screwdrivers fail and its ergonomic design can give you much more torque than a coin or other small metal parts.

We covered the PB Special flat screwdriver on our first 4-in-1 accessory videos and is available now on Amazon. If you are looking for a more general prepuce tool the Smallrig folding toolset is a nice inexpensive option.

The PB screwdriver size 7

PB screwdriver size 7

Stream deck

Our favorite productivity accessory for the computer is the Elgato (now part of Corsair) stream deck. You might think that this is designed for streamers and gamers but the powerful software that comes with this shortcut keyboard can do wonders for Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, and any software that works with keyboard shortcuts.

The stream deck comes in 3 sizes – 6 keys, 15 keys, and 32 keys. All are great depending on how many shortcuts you need and you can see our review of the large version – here.

The 15 and 32 keys stream decks

The 15 and 32 key stream decks

Sirui 3T-R remote control tripod

Although we usually have no need for a mini tripod in the studio every day we do use a remote for our Sony cameras very often and we hate to replace those pesky little coin batteries. The remote that comes with the Sirui 3T-R has a built-in Li-Ion battery that charges via USB-C and solves this problem.

The 3T-R is generally well made and is a great buy for any Sony shooter. You can see our full review of it – here.

The Sirui 3T-R remote

Sirui 3T-R remote

Aputure Amaran MC

When it comes to small LEDs we tried them all. We have larger ones, smaller ones, more powerful ones you name it. But when we need to add a little color or a touch of extra light we almost always go for the Amaran MC.

It is compact, easy to operate, has great diffusion, a good battery and decent power, and of course that great Sidus link app for remote control.

It might not be the most inexpensive compact LED on the market but it is certainly worth it.

Manfrotto 200PL-PRO Quick release plate

We have an upcoming updated big quick release plate comparison coming, but we can already give you a sneak peek at our all-around winner – the hybrid Manfrotto 200PL-PRO plate.

This plate works great with both RC2/323 systems and Arca bases and we have been using several of them in our studio and they have been working fantastically well with all sorts of head combinations and are highly recommended for those who work with multiple quick release systems.

You can get the 200PL PRO on Amazon.

Chargeasap Flash Pro power bank

Having a quality power bank is essential for any traveling photographer these days with so many things requiring charging through USB. This September we tested and loved the Chargeasap Flash Pro power bank which is still available for pre-order on Indiegogo (with first shipments on schedule for December 2021).

Recently it really saved us in the field as we were shooting production and our light tubes kept running out of power and we had to quickly recharge them so as not to stop the production.

If you don’t want to wait for the new Flash Pro the FLASH 2.0 power bank which we also reviewed is available right now (without the advanced OLED information screen and a few of the new features).

The Chargeasap Flash Pro

Chargeasap Flash Pro

As an honorable mention, we also want to give a shout to the ULANZI BG-2 tube-shaped power bank with 1/4″ 20 threads – it is a fantastic option for something like a GoPro rig and is really inexpensive.

SuperCalla – Magnetic Charging & Data Cables

We hate cable mess and so a while back we decided to give the SuperCalla magnetic USB cables a try and they actually work well keeping their shape with magnets. They do take up more space when folded, but we really love that they get attached to things instead of dangling around like normal cables.

It is certainly one of the more unique gifts on this list and not just for photographers and they are now beyond the Kickstarter campaign so you can order it with global shipping from the company’s website.

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