Chargeasap Flash Pro and Flash Pro Plus: Powerful Graphene Power Banks Next generation USB power bank is here

Earlier this week Chargeasap has launched a new version of its high capacity advanced power bank on Indiegogo. The new Flash Pro series comes with 3 USB-C outputs one of them capable of supplying 100W of juice as well as a USB-A with 50W Qualcomm QuickCharge and even dual wireless charging options.

Some Background

Late last year we tested the Chargeasap Flash 2.0 power bank (and wall charger) and were impressed by its performance. We are still using both devices in our studio today and they have been very useful and in some cases, the only option we had was to power new devices which required USB-C PD (see our recent Zitay review).

The original version raised over 1.5 million dollars from more than 10,000 backers and Chargeasap is aiming high with this new version which brings more charging options for any piece of mobile electronics (including power-hungry laptops and the new generation of USB-C PD charging cameras).

The silver Flash Pro power bank with its larger screen

Flash Pro and Flash Pro Plus

With its latest series of power banks, Chargeasap decided to create two variants – the Flash Pro and Flash Pro Plus. The first was designed with Android users in mind while the Plus version is designed for Mac users.

As we mentioned above the new Flash power banks come with 4 outputs, three of which are USB-C  (100W, 60W, and 20W with the 100W used for charging the unit as well) and a USB-A up to 50W with supported devices (the company mentions specifically fast charging technology by Oneplus (50W) and OPPO SVOOC (50W)).

Besides the outputs, you also get two wireless charging options 15W on the main center wireless charger (up from 10W) and a 5W apple watch charger.

And finally, you have a new and larger OLED screen with a ton of information about the battery status, different connecting devices, temperature, and more (the previous version only displayed the battery charge state).

The new power bank is also very fast to recharge. How fast? it can go to 80% of its 25000 mAh capacity in 45 min and be fully charged in about an hour and 10 mins according to Chargeasap (with a 100W wall charger and a supporting USB-C cable).

There are a lot more features in this new version like longer-lasting batteries (5 instead of 4 in the old version),  a more rugged design, pass-through charging, and more.

We hope to review the new version as soon as we get our hands on one and look at all those changes.

Flash Pro connections 3 different USB-C and a single USB-A



Flash Pro / Plus is currently offered on Indigogo for $149, shipping is expected in December 2021.

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