Adobe Premiere Pro CC Morph Cut – No More Jump Cuts

Adobe recently published a short demo of an upcoming feature from Adobe Premiere Pro CC that is going to make lots of video editors and photographs very happy – it is called Morph Cut and it will help to automatically “fix” jump cuts in videos.

If you are shooting and editing lots of video footage with one camera angle you know that smoothing out jump cuts is a pain. Adobe developed a new tool called Morph Cut which will help you do it automatically in an elegant an polished way.

We didn’t have a chance to test it yet (it isn’t available yet as far as we know) but it does look like an amazing time saver if it will work as shown in this video.

Adobe added a few more interesting features to some of its CC programs  including Prelude, After Effects, Audition, Adobe Media Encoder, SpeedGrade, and of course Premiere Pro – check them out on this video:



All these new features should be showcased in a webcast on April 16 (it is unclear when exactly they will be released). You can learn more about Adobe’s blog.

Update: AOTG interview with Adobe showing all the new things in the upcoming Premiere Pro update

VIA: Fstoppers.