Adobe Shares a Sneak peek of its Upcoming Mobile Retouching App

On this video, Photoshop product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes takes a first quick look at an upcoming application for mobile devices called Adobe Mobile Retouching.

Not much is known about Adobe’s Mobile Retouching app apart from the fact that it is currently in pretty early stages of development and from the looks of it – this is going to be a pretty powerful application capable of retouching large files and performing at least several functions that more advanced computer based software can do.

Among the things that can be seen in this video are viewing full resolution images (Huges demonstrate this by working on a 50.3 MP file from a Canon EOS 5D S camera). Viewing obviously is not enough so Huges demonstrates how he quickly removes a part of the image and use content aware fill or even replace a part quickly. Other things include twirl, wrap, bloat as well as advanced vignette options and more.

Again – no release date as of yet but it will be interesting to see this app in the wild possibly later this year.

You can also check out all of Hughes previous videos on this dedicated page.
Iddo Genuth
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