CineMatch: Making Color Matching Easy

NAB 2019 is here and there are lots of interesting new and upcoming products. This time we have a plug-in for Premiere Pro that will enable users to match colors with ease between several different cameras.

CineMatch looks like an extremely promising plug-in (we also covered it the first time it was shown in NAB last year). If you ever shot with different cameras at the same time you know how difficult it can be to match the colors in post. With CineMatch this should be a thing of the past as long as you make sure you do a proper white balance for each camera.

From the video demo, it seems that many cameras are supported (although we have yet to see a full list). We don’t know how the plug-in performs under less than optimal conditions and what happens when totally different footage is being color matched. We also don’t know the exact release date (should be this year) and pricing, but if we get a chance we will surely be one of the first to give it a test run and share a review.

You can subscribe to get more info on the cinematch here.

You can check out more of our NAB 2019 coverage here –  we shall continue with our NAB 2019 coverage tomorrow so stay tuned!

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