How to Do Basic Image Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom Mobile

On this Adobe video Russell Brown shows how to do different adjustment in Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

On the video Brown explains how he start to work on an image using Lightroom mobile – starting with white balance, exposure, highlights, shadows, whites/mid-tones, clarity and vibrance. Next we look (on the left icon) which reveal all the tools – and go to dehaze (he also shows how to quickly move to any of the menus). Finally Brown goes to vignetting and adds just a little bit to finish retouching his image – very simple, quick and straight forward – just like you would expect from a mobile app.

Over a year ago Adobe announced the Android version of Lightroom Mobile which we looked at here. Since than Adobe continued to developed Lightroom and added several other free apps for editing on the go (including Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix and Adobe Post) and only a few days ago we published a video by Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE looking at how to create a double exposure composite image using a number of these free apps.

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