Lightroom CC 101 (Plus How to Export Develop Presets from to Lightroom CC)

On this video Photoshop expert Jesús Ramirez (from the Photoshop training channel) gives an extensive course in the new Lightroom CC announced about a week ago for beginners and we will also bring you an important video from Terry White from Adobe on importing Lightroom Classic CC develop presets into Lightroom CC.

The new Lightroom CC sparked a controversy online (many users don’t like that Adobe forces them to move to a subscription-based service, others don’t like the cloud-based editing and are afraid that Lightroom Classic will eventually go away (Adobe denies that but as we have learned – things can change and who  knows what will happen in a few years time).

At the moment though Lightroom CC is an interesting new software which is quite different than Lightroom Classic with some limitations but the major differentiating point is where your images are located – in Lightroom Classic CC – they are located on your computer wherein Lightroom CC they are all uploaded to the cloud which means that you will need storage (you get 20GB to start with but 1TB will cost you an extra $10/month – this isn’t cheap).

This is an extensive tutorial – Ramirez has this index to help you navigate to the specific topic which interests you:

01:00 – Importing Photos
05:32 – Interface and Lightroom Search
10:17 – The Light and Color Panels
20:23 – Effects, Detail, Optics and Geometry Panels
29:01 – Crop, Heal, Targeted Adjustments, and Presets
36:28 – Exporting Photos

Terry White on importing Lightroom Classic CC Develop Presets to Lightroom CC

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Bonus video: Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC – Whats the Difference (we  tend to agree with Ed’s conclusion about Adobe jumping the gun on Lightroom CC – but it might have a future)

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