A Look at Drag & Drop Effects for Premiere Pro

On this video, media creation expert Colin Smith from VideoRevealed go through a number of the 120 drag & drop effects which are part of Rampant Premiere Essentials kit. Although this might look a little bit promotional (and it probably is) there is a lot of useful things that can be learned from this video even if you have no plans on buying this kit.

Rampant, the company behind these effects has put together 120 drag & drop effects for Premiere Pro including frames shakes, wobbles, zooms and more. They can be used on any video or title in your timeline – some can work on two adjustment clips and some work on a single clip.

Smith basically demonstrates these effects, how they work and what you can do with them (as well as some of the control options you have on some of them). It is worth mentioning that Adobe recently introduced motion graphic templates into Premiere Pro – these are very powerful and easy templates that you can use to bring in and control effects created in After Effects (you get also get graphic templates from different companies – we use motionarray – see here), it would be nice to see Rampant and other companies adopt Adobe’s graphic template system for adding future effects (we find this whole concept very useful and would like to see a whole ecosystem based on it as soon as possible).

In the meantime you can get the Rampant Premiere Essentials kit for $29.

You can find more Premiere Pro related video on this link here on LensaVid. We will continue posting more interesting videos from Smith’s channel and we are hoping to open a video editing section here on LensVid in the near future.

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