New In Adobe Camera Raw 12.2 Apply Master Preset on new RAW images in ACR and Lightroom

Adobe recently released several updates for a number of different software including Camera Raw and Lightroom. One small but important update Adobe introduced has to do with automating raw presets and this one can really help you speed things up – especially if you are doing a lot of the same tasks for each new raw image you bring into ACR.

The most recent update to Camera RAW (and Lightroom), version 12.2, doesn’t look any different compared to the previous one, but it does have one interesting new feature that some users are really going to appreciate.

In this video, Blake Rudis from f64 Academy takes a look at the new RAW defaults functionality and what you can do with it (and gives some examples in what types of situations it might be beneficial.

Basically, you can assign a preset to be the “Master Preset” that applies to all images that come into Photoshop or if you prefer you can set a different preset to load on any specific camera that you have and that Adobe Photoshop knows about – this can actually be useful if you are always doing a list of specific corrections/changes for each specific camera.

This is of course not right for everybody or every image. This is nice for use when you are really doing a sort of image workflow which is very similar to many images and you want to save yourself some time. Rudis explains in the video how to create the actual preset and how to load it, what you might want to include in it and whatnot.

It would be interesting to hear your take on this new feature – do you think it is useful and how are you going to use it?

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