NVIDIA Demonstrates Next Generation Content-Aware Fill Technology

NVIDIA is typically considered a hardware manufacturer but the company is now heavily involved in AI on both the hardware and the software sides and it recently published an article (in a scientific journal) which discusses some recent advances a team of engineers at the company made in the area of content-aware fill.

If you have been using Photoshop at all in the past few years you probably used content aware in some form or another (Adobe integrated the technology into several tools). While the current iteration of Photoshop’s content aware is very useful, it does have quite a few limitations (it tends to repeat itself a lot for example and in some cases does not look very realistic, it doesn’t always work well in two distinct areas and it will probably not do a very good job on people’s faces – for the most part).

NVIDIA decided to take things to the next level as you can see in the video and by using a single GPU – NVIDIA TESLA V100 it demoed what you see in the video above. It starts pretty normally with a few demonstrations of how you can remove objects from a scene (pretty similar to what Photoshop does now), but later on, we see some very interesting demos especially around 1:40 when you see some very impressive manipulations on the face of actor Ernest Borgnine including some face smoothening with one click.

Not everything is perfect though – if you look carefully around 1:00, for example, you can see that fixing the book library didn’t really work well so NVIDIA still has some work to do and at the end of the day – this type of tool is very creative and some scenes will require some level of user input in order to decide what content to use as fill.

At the moment there is no word about when (if at all) this technology demonstration will this be available to the public, but Adobe is certainly working hard on integrating AI into its products (and into content aware as well) so it is likely that this type of technologies will be commercially available in the not too distant future.

This is not the first time that we are looking at future image editing technologies. Several months ago we looked at the Select Subject in Photoshop CC Using AI which recently became an actual feature of Photoshop and several demonstrations of AI-based technologies Adobe is working on that has yet to find their way into actual commercial Adobe software.

Iddo Genuth
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