The Basics of Editing Video in Photoshop

On this video tutorial Aaron Nace from Phlearn looks at the very basics of editing videos in Adobe Photoshop.

Most of us don’t think about Photoshop as a video editing software but in fact Photoshop can actually do a decent job editing videos with some interesting capabilities that you might be familiar with from editing images such as curves and layer adjustments.

If you are already using Premiere Pro or some other professional video editing software – you are probably not going to use Photoshop to edit your videos – however if you are mainly a still photographer and from time to time you need to edit a video segment – Photoshop can help you.

Nace looks at importing content into your workflow, changing the order of your video segments, cutting unwanted parts, moving parts, using key frames, adding adjustment layers and much more.

This isn’t the first time we look at editing videos in Photoshop – in the past we have published: Simple Video Editing in Photoshop with Photoshop senior product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes a somewhat longer video by  Terry White. If you are a more serious video editor you would probably want to check white’s video – 10 Things Beginners Need to Know about using Premiere Pro CC.

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section (and you can find a lot more Phlearn videos on our special Phlearn subsection).

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