A Look at Nikon’s Automatic AF Fine Tune Feature of the D5/D500

One interesting features Nikon introduced with its two flagship cameras – the D5 and the APS-C flagship – the D500 is automatic AF fine tune. This video by DPreview explains how this feature works and what it does.

For years we had manual fine tune AF feature for lenses in almost all Nikon/Canon advanced models. However it was always a pain to set us. The idea itself is solid – since each camera/lens combo is different there might be slight differences in the accuracy of the AF – for this reason the manufacturers gave the option to fine tune it per lens to prevent small but noticeable back or front focus issues.

Until now if we wanted to fine tune the AF we had to set up a special target and play with the fine tune feature to try and determine if the AF is better or not. With the new automatic feature we can do this without any special target and trail and error methods.

What you need is a tripod and a static target. Enter live view and choose the center AF point (which is the only one that will work). Choose a target (in the video they choose a distant building) and check with the magnification in the live-view that you have perfect focus – press and hold AF-select and the movie record for several seconds until a massage appears on the screen – click OK and you are done.

You can enter AF- fine tune mode in the menu to check out what the camera choose as the value for the lens and maybe even repeat this several times just to be 100% that you are getting the same value.

We will be sure to check this new feature when we get the D500 for review in the next few weeks.

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Iddo Genuth
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