Hacks and Tips for the Travelling Photographer

If you travel a lot as a photographer (or even just on vacation), pro shooter Chase Jarvis has some tips and hack based on his years and years of travels with lots of gear.

This video is not just for photographers although it based on the experience of a pro photographer who travelled the globe to shoot in different locations. In the video Jarvis talks about the two bags he takes with him onboard the plane and what he has in them (at least part of that – the as for the real gear – you can see in the video below), he than moves to discuss how to cut the line in an airport, how to work on an airplane, how to get the best sleep on an airplane and finally a few extra travel hacking tips.

There are 4 links that Jarvis mentioned in the video which are worth sharing here as well (these are mostly U.S. centric but some of these might have local equivalents in other countries as well):

Bonus video: Shoot in 2014, Jarvis talks about some of the gear he takes with him when he travels


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Iddo Genuth
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