Inspiration – From Bankruptcy To Location Independent Travel Photographer

Travel photographer Elia Locardi and his partner Naomi has one of the most remarkable personal stories we have heard in years.  It starts with what they thought was a dream which shattered in a personal tragedy which eventually lead to a true epiphany and change.

Elia and Naomi had everything going for them – a great career, money and they wanted a house to complete the American dream. They took a mortgage just before the market collapsed in 2008 and went spiralling down paying more money every month while their house’s worth goes down and down. Eventually they decided to cut the cord – sell the house and move to a new rented place. After Elia’s father got sick a relative from Italy got in touch and the couple decided to go to Rome. This trip changed their lives and open their eyes to a new path – one where they no longer stay in one place, have a house, a car, bills etc. but constantly travel with very few possessions but live every experience.

This way of life is not right for everybody, but you can take a lot from this story – it tells you that people are stronger than they think and they can sometimes take a good thing from a bad situation and make something out of it and in this respect we find true inspiration in Elia and Naomi’s story.

We highly recommend that you read Elia’s original post on fstoppers which also has lots of travelling tips from a photographer who visited over 5 countries and flew over 1 million kilometres in only a few years and you can find more info about him and his work here.

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