Phil Steele: Landscape Photography Tips

In this video photographer Phil Steele talks about several interesting tips he gain from a course he is taking that might also help you improve your landscape (as well as macro) photography.

Steele is one of the most eloquent photographers we know. On this video he talks about four different topics which came from watching a video course by Jay & Varina Patel and although this could sound at times like an advertisement for the course, it does have some useful info to share.

The 4 topics are:

  • Lighting for nature photography.
  • Creating dramatic skies.
  • Hyperfocal distance.
  • Focus stacking.

We have covered some of these topics on previous videos here on Lensvid. For example you can find tips on creating Blue Skies Without A Polarizer in Photoshop on Steve Perry’s video or a little discussion on focus stacking on our: Nanoha 5X Lens Review and Introduction to Super Macro Photography.

If you are interested in the course Steele is talking about in the video you can check it out Jay & Varina Patel course here.

We have covered many more great tips for landscape photography on our landscape photography section here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
Iddo Genuth is the founder and chief editor of He has been a technology reporter working for international publications since the late 1990's and covering photography since 2009. Iddo is also a co-founder of a production company specializing in commercial food and product visual content.

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